Money Transfers

Payment procedures

  1. Funds to the WebMoney purses can be added by natural persons. The Formal passport or higher is required.
  2. To top up your WebMoney purse, select the money-transfer system and follow the instructions.
  3. Then you need to visit the cash department of the bank or the service point of the money-transfer system.
  4. Payments are accepted when identity documents are provided in accordance with the current legislation and internal rules of the system. The payment code (a unique order number) is also required.
    Please note that funds to the purse can not be added by the third parties. When making the money transfer the passport data is required.
  5. Funds will be added to the purse on-line.
  6. If funds are not added to your purse contact the support team of the money-transfer system or Webmoney support team(

На пополнения кошельков через системы денежных переводов действуют следующие комиссии

Система переводов Валюта пополнения Комиссия
CONTACTRUB1,9%, не менее 60 рублей
CONTACTUSD2,5%, не менее 3 долларов
CONTACTEUR2,5%, не менее 3 евро
ЮниСтримRUB1,5% - 2,5%
АнеликRUB1,8% - 2%

Attention holders of the Formal WM-passport!

If you add funds via money transfer system and your WM-passport data coincides with the data received from the bank,
your WM-passport will be leveled up the the Initial passport. Details...

Лимиты на пополнение кошельков через системы денежных переводов

Уровень аттестата Суточный лимит Месячный лимит
ПсевдонимПополнение невозможно
Формальный30 000 RUB100 000 RUB
Формальный (с проверенными данными)100 000 RUB300 000 RUB
Начальный150 000 RUB1 000 000 RUB
Персональный (и выше)300 000 RUB2 000 000 RUB